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Dear Future BUCKIT-Lover!

We love to perform and WE ARE FOR HIRE!

buckit regularly performs around the State of Arizona in public and private venues and events.  And we're always looking for new and exciting opportunities!  We own and can provide all professional sound and lighting equipment for nearly any indoor or outdoor venue as needed.  We provide quotes for our performance services on a case by case request basis.  We provide a very exciting, energetic, fun, humorous, professional and clean show appropriate for all ages, and we guarantee not to suck!  Here are just a few of the questions we MIGHT ask or consider when providing customized quotes for our services:

  • What is requested performance date, time, and hours for the event?
  • Where is the venue location and what is the traveling distance required from our hometown?
  • Is there a particular cause or charity that might benefit from the event?
  • What is the expected crowd size, crowd demographics, and event description?
  • Are there opportunities for the sales of buckit merchandise and CDs?
  • Are there any splits on bar-tab or cover / attendance charge?
  • What are the event marketing efforts, budget, and overall exposure?
  • Are overnight accommodations for band and crew required, and will they be provided?  And if so, what are the specifics regarding those accommodations?
  • Will there be food & bar-tab provided for band and crew?
  • What other bands, performers, and artists will be participating in the event, and what is the line-up?  
  • Lastly, is the event going to be fun?  If it isn't, just forget it!  We aren't interested!

Thank you for your interest in our services.  We would be happy to share a list of references of previous event planners and managers we've worked with.  Please contact us for further information.  We look forward to potentially working with you to make your next event a complete success!  


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